Physical activity is so important in our daily life routine to help us stay on the right track and maintain a good and healthy life

But in the last two years, and because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many professional sports players are having injuries because of the health status we are passing through

This pandemic and because of the quarantines, the amount of physical activity is decreased in people so they are les easy to perform high intensity sport, so they are more vulnerable to injuries and pain

And for sure, every pain is related to a lack of functionality, because pain and functionality are inversionally proportional

According to the studies, 45 minutes of walk is recommended 5 times per week and a slight muscular activity is recommended 3 times per week

All activities must be monitored by a Bluetooth heartrate monitor

For more information about your health, your physical activity during the pandemic and the reduction of pain related to muscle spasm you can contact us at any time and on our doctor will take care of you