This disease usually appears between the ages of 40 and 50 and is incurable, but it can be treated, and we can sometimes prevent its development and improve the patient’s life. vary sharpness Rheumatoid arthritis, which ranges from mild discomfort to disability.

Inflammation is usually the immune system’s defense reaction against a harmful foreign body, but in rheumatoid arthritis, the inflammation affects the synovium that forms part of the joint, and it may also affect the tendon sheath, joint cartilage and bone. This is called an autoimmune disease, meaning that the disease affects some areas of the body, particularly the joints.


The main characteristics of rheumatoid arthritis are joint inflammation and joint damage if the disease is not treated. Arthritis is defined as inflammation of several joints, usually symmetrical (wrists, for example), and it causes severe joint pain that can interfere with daily activities and make it difficult to perform even the simplest movements, such as opening a box or bottle, or carrying an object.

Arthritis often first affects the joints of the hands and feet that are red and swollen with a feeling of heat. A person often feels pain in the middle of the night when these joints rest. Numb joints may also be painful upon awakening. Diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis can be complicated and requires blood tests and medical imaging tests such as radiography and ultrasonography…

Multiple treatments

The best solution remains to diagnose the disease early to get the best results, and it is advisable to educate the patient as much as possible to be able to deal with his disease in the best way with the help of therapists.

Common pain relievers include paracetamol or aspirin in addition to ibuprofen or codeine. The doctor prescribes other medicines in addition to these sedative medicines, and these pharmaceutical products are found in abundance. In some painful cases, surgery may be necessary, for example to fit a prosthesis.

Do not forget that mobility is the key to success in these joint so call a physiotherapist

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