Meet Dr. Elie El-Dahdah


“It’s not about me. It’s about the patient that comes into my clinic at any time, or who calls me wherever they want to ask for advice. It is the medical responsibility that I carry towards alleviating the pain. So that our society could live again with one another for better days without any commercial agendas. That is called a transformational journey that I am seeking every single day.” Expressed Dr. Elie El-Dahdah (aka Dr. ED) – a DPT with a Master’s Degree in Hypnotherapy, Stress Management and Pain Management.


To provide quality integrated personal healthcare approach to our patients.


The purpose of ED Clinics is to reduce pain, increase functionality and enhance the patient’s overall quality of life; Body & Mind combined by using the most modern and holistic techniques.


At ED Clinics our patient is at the core of our work model, we think of it this way:
The primary value is our patient.
The secondary value is Innovation & medical advancement to better serve our patient.
Pain management qatar

He has been the first to bring in the Ultrasound Guided Dry Needling specialty to Levant and GCC Regions which made him a pioneer. Adding to his extensive expertise in Sports Injuries & Prevention. Barely at the age of 28 years old, Dr. ED had already managed to open and lead two of the largest clinical centers specialized in Pain Management in Lebanon and in Qatar.

He continues by saying “I map together with my crew, based on encouraging learning and performance improvement, the journey of athletes, corporates, and elderly. We value long term sustainability for our patients and continuous innovations”.

Dr. ED is a passionate cyclist with a love for outdoors. He walks the talk when it comes to leading a healthy pain-free lifestyle. As a Medical Practitioner at ED Clinics in Lebanon and at Houston American Medical Center (HAMC) in Qatar with an average of 40 to 50 patients’ turnover per day. Dr. ED is now appointed as the CEO of E-Touch. E-Touch is a multichannel physiotherapy approach where solutions are delivered to pain management. With the joint efforts of online and clinical practices as well as education and research.

He is also a driven public speaker with an average of 7 to 10 international conferences per year. And a member & decision maker of 4 Regional Boards. A lecturer and an influential instructor to the younger generation. Dr. ED is a vivid contributor to the curriculum and learning curve of physiotherapy students. Put in his own words: “You have no idea the passion of alleviating the pain of another person and what it feels like when someone can live their life with no more pain. It is the most rewarding feeling I get as a clinician and as a person sympathizing with another.”