Nonspecific low back pain (NSLBP) is one of the most common causes of sick leave in the world

Either it is inflammatory or mechanic, NSLBP is a painful disfunction that causes reduction of functionality and affects the daily life activity in related people

Now, in Dr. Elie El – DAHDAH Clinics, many new techniques are available to treat this kind of dysfunctions.

After doing the right diagnosis, we are here to put with you a valid treatment plan to reduce your pain and increase your everyday life activity and relaxation. The treatment may include physiotherapy techniques, manual therapy and osteopathy techniques to help the spine with its mobility, as well as dry needling technique for muscle and tissue rejuvenation around the spine.

Without forgetting that monitored physical activity is very important and an education plan is mandatory for the patient in order to know how to operate in his daily life activity to prevent the appearance of pain again