The back, or the spine in particular, is the main component of the human body, which ensures the stability of the entire skeleton.

To understand back pain, it is not only the spine that must be taken into account, but everything that surrounds it: tendons, ligaments, nerves, and muscles.

Back pain can be caused by a defect in the vertebrae (bones) only, such as in the case of osteoporosis, for example. Other times, the cause can be a malfunction in the joints between the vertebrae, an intervertebral disc, or also a contracture of the surrounding muscles.

If it is easy to identify some diseases related to back pain thanks to medical imaging, such as cases of herniated disk or arthrosis as well, it is sometimes difficult to find an important factor that explains the appearance or persistence of back pain.

Psychological factors also cause back pain: stress, tension and depression are all factors that can cause back problems or can increase these problems.


A doctor who treats a patient who complains of back pain first detects an acute problem such as a herniated disc or a rare disease or even a muscle spasm that can also lead to acute or chronic pain, through medical imaging. But often the doctor can find answers to the problem by listening and examining the patient and learning more about his lifestyle, occupation and hobbies.

In the case of back pain, it is recommended to consult a specialist to be diagnosed well in order to put the right treatment plan

Different treatments

Several treatments are available. But the most important thing to know, that rest in bed is no allowed anymore. Only active lifestyle and healthy lifestyle can decrease your pain

Staying in bed will help your muscles to become weaker so the pain will increase.

In the case of osteoporosis, there are many effective medications today. Sometimes only pain-fighting drugs are prescribed.

Of course, the focus should be on prevention, encouraging balanced exercise (swimming, cycling), and encouraging patients to reduce their weight, build muscle and relieve stress. It is also necessary to follow the advice on how to deal with heavy objects, and the position of the body, especially in dangerous professions.

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